MCM Expo October 2010

Please post pictures of your Cosplay costumes and creations here

MCM Expo October 2010

Postby Aoshi_88 on Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:18 am

I don't bloody understand why it is so hard just to find a section dedicated to photographs from the event. Plus the fact that there are so many boards it's confusing.

In any case, here are photos from Day 1 & 2 of MCM Expo 29-31 October 2010. ... 273203928/
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Re: MCM Expo October 2010

Postby Quibble on Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:39 am

I completely agree. There should a separate button / link on the front page to an official gallery or something. The forums are a bit of a mess too, hopefully they'll tidy things up for next year.

Anyway, thanks for the pictures :)
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Re: MCM Expo October 2010

Postby Adziu on Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:14 pm


There is always a popular photo album thread in the cosplay section of every expo. This year's is here, and is a sticky. viewtopic.php?f=303&t=15656

So many albums get posted every year that it's no good putting a thread in a general, non-event-specific subforum like this.

I'm locking this now, but feel free to repost your link in that thread. However, if you do, I would like you to put an adult content warning in your link, because your gallery contains somebody holding up sex toys.
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