Rants and Thanks

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Rants and Thanks

Postby shinikami on Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:49 pm

Well as there is a thread from May, how about October?

To all of the great people that came up to me and my friends asking for photos, and all of the great friends I've met this expo! Can't wait to see everyone again at the next!
Thank you to all the cosplayers that accepted hugs and photos taken of themselves, you were all fantastic!

Overcrowdness - even with the extra hall, I still felt it was overcrowded and too hot ( even for october! )
Ticket confusion - had a friend that had to pay for the tickets again, costing him more money because his tickets were lost in the post with no contact from the expo since he ordered the tickets online.
Queues - What a mess that was! Because of the tickets selling out, people were queuing for hours!
Prices - I know we're all in the midst of a price crash at the moment, but they hiked the prices up again this time - I was looking at something and thought better of it! £15 for a plushie when its only £10 on websites.

Off topic

I'm glad to hear that a good friend of mine came out of this in one piece, was horrified to hear what had happened to him in May - he almost didn't attend October's event. Being invited, putting money into parking and petrol.... he was thankful for the insurance!

Hope nothing like that ever happens again!!
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