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Sarah Jane Honeywell

Postby crippsy_99 on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:18 pm

Just a quick question about Sarah Jane, on the email newsletter I recieved, and on the websites front page and an update page, it just says her autograph is free.
However on the media guests page the website says:

Sarah Jane appears in over 100 episodes of the global kids sensation Tikkabillia and Higgledy House.
*Appearing Saturday Only
Autographs FREE for Kids

Does this mean only kids will be able to get her autograph free, which would be kind of strange given most wont know the importance of collecting autos anyway or something, and adults have to pay? Or is she free for everyone? Its a bit confusing at the moment!
I would like to get her auto, but not sure if my friend would let me borrow her kid for the day to get it :lol:
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