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Discuss the UK's largest Masquerade event which takes place both days during the London MCM Expo.

Do you Cosplay? Then tell us what you like about the event we organise, what costumes you are wearing or how you feel we can improve Cosplaying at the London MCM Expo

Re: Cosplay Help Thread

Postby neljeffz on Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:13 pm

Hannah-Kiwii wrote:
Lady Bahamut wrote:Anyone know how to go about making a cape? ^^; Or what type of fabric to use?

Whilst I don't know precisely how myself (my mum made my Celes cloak ^^;) I do believe they're not quite as difficult as they look. If it were me, I'd be tempted to use some cast off fabric to experiment. I know Syoaran's cloak looks like it should be made from a thicker, heavier material, but I personally find a light, floaty cloak much easier to more in..

But it's probably better if you wait for some real advice, since I'm not sure i know what I'm talking about XD

well for me it depends on the design and concept you want its up to the designer of the cape. Cape fabric (can be felt, cotton or even satin) Double-sided fabric tape 1 yard of ribbon.

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Re: Cosplay Help Thread

Postby marfan77 on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:28 am

Sasuko wrote:I swear I saw one of these thread this morning but it seems to have disapeared. If it is still up please point me in it's general direction. ^^

Basically this thread is for anyone who needs help with their cosplays and people who can help them ^^

I'll go first =D

Saria from LoZ: ~Does anyone know where I can get a green wig, length to be under her jaw line?
~Also would anyone know how to make an Ocarina? maybe a working one but i don't mind if it won't work XD

Princess Tomoyo from Tsubasa: ~Again with a wig, need to find a long black wig about waist length
~I'll put up a reference picture later on if I can find one, but I need to somehow make her headdress, would anyone know how to make it and some light materials to make it from? I know I might need to mount in on a head band but that's about it
~Would anyone have any pictures of Tomoyo's kimono Sash? we've tried to find some but so far not many clear pictures.

now then, for anyone who needs ideas or designs for their outfits, here's a link for you peoples:

EDIT: if anyone has any useful links like mine, please post them up =D

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