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Richard Bonehill
has been an actor, swordsman, a double, and a swordmaster for over twenty years
More career info:

*Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1981 - Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper, Rebel Soldier, Taun Taun Handler

*Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Nien Nunb, Stormtrooper, Mon Calamari, Ree Yees, Mosep, X-Wing Pilot, TIE Pilot, Stand-in

Film Swordsman
Bleak House~2005 - (swordmaster)
George and the Dragon~2004 -
Secret of the Cave~2002
Avengers, The~1998 (Assistant Swordmaster to William Hobbs)
Man in the Iron Mask~1998 (Assistant Swordmaster to William Hobbs)
Prince Valiant~1997 (see Actor Connections - Film)
George and the Dragon~ (Assistant Swordmaster to William Hobbs)
Case of Evil~2002
Princess of Thieves~2001 (Fencing Coach)
Count of Monte Cristo~2002 (Fencing Coach)

Simon Schama's Power of Art~2006 - David
Rome~2005 - Celtic Chieftain (BBC/HBO) (see Actor Connections - TV)
See Me, See You: The Picts and the Scots~2001 -
Jason and the Argonauts~2000 - Aertes 2nd General (Greek Cavalry General)
Frenchman's Creek~1998 - Guilliame
Mysterious Britain: The Haunted Realm~1997 - Duelist
'Allo 'Allo!~1982 - German Guard in Michelle's Secret Love (# 5.10) 11/5/88
'Allo 'Allo!~1982 - German Guard in Post-Matrimonial Depression (# 5.7) 10/15/88
Celts, The~1987 - Kalucan Celtic Hero
Knightmare~1987 - The Monk Monster/Swordsman
Galloping Galaxies~1985 - Roman Gladiator
Robin of Sherwood~1984 - Driver in Cromm Cruac (episode # 3.6) 17 May 1986
Robin of Sherwood~1984 - Swordsman in The Children of Israel (#2.2) 12/24/84 (US) 3/16/85 (UK)
By the Sword Divided~1983 (mini) - Mounted Trooper
Dr. Who~ -
Guard in Revelation of the Daleks (#22.143)
First Officer on the Shadow in Enlightenment (#20.128)
Flight Engineer in Time Flight (#19.123)
? in Logopolis (#18.7) 2/28/81

TV Double/Swordsman
Sharpe's Challenge~2005/6 -
Trevennah~ -
Schama's Power of Art~ -
Life Force~2000
Gormenghast~2000 (mini)
Nicholas Nickleby~ 2001
Maid Marian and Her Merry Men~1989 (Robin Hood double)
Zany Adventures of Robin Hood~1984 (George Segal double)
Beau Geste~1982 - Arab swordsman
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