MCM Expo Weapons & Props Rules

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MCM Expo Weapons & Props Rules

Postby Granny Gertrude on Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:22 am

The MCM Expo Cosplay email address is:

The Expo is a family event, and is often crowded. The intention of these rules is to ensure that attendees of all ages can enjoy the event safely.

These policies are in place to ensure public safety while allowing cosplayers and other costume wearers to successfully portray a character. If a particularly large or dangerous weapon or prop is central to portraying a character, it may be worth reconsidering attending as that character or saving it for the Masquerade.

Upon arrival at the MCM Expo all weapons and any large props MUST be brought to the Cosplay Desk, where they will be checked for safety and compliance to the rules. If MCM Expo staff see a weapon or large prop that is NOT considered safe, you will be asked to go to the Cosplay Desk to hand it in or asked to leave the event.

In most cases such items will be permitted for use in the Masquerade competition, in which case they will be kept at the Cosplay Desk until preparing for the competition.

MCM Expo reserves the right to disallow any weapon or prop if it is deemed to be unsafe or likely to cause a nuisance. Likewise anyone seen acting inappropriately with a replica weapon or prop may have the item(s) confiscated and may be asked to leave. Confiscated items can be collected upon departure from the event.

Below is an explanation of what is and is not allowed. Please contact the Cosplay Team on the Expo forums or by emailing them at if you want further clarification describing the item as fully as possible, with a photograph if possible.

As a general rule, if you feel a weapon or prop may cause an injury to someone if a sudden movement (eg. running, sneezing, shoving) caused a collision with the weapon or prop, then it is not suitable for the Expo hall and should be kept in a bag or at the Cosplay Desk.

As a general rule, we recommend that any weapons or replica weapons that are banned from being carried OR sold in this country should not be brought to the Expo.
- Examples include: real handguns, rifles, rocket launchers; many real bladed weapons including knives, machetes, and swords, and some replica weapons including katanas. This list is not meant to be exhaustive- consult with your local police station if necessary.
Such items MUST NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be carried on your person inside the Expo Hall, and should be handed in at the Cosplay Desk.

Weapons and props (excluding guns, see below) that are made of lightweight material such as Plastic, Foam or Balsa wood are allowed up to a length of 1.5m as long as they have been made as safe as possible with any edges should be rounded off, ends padded, and no dangerous parts attached eg nails or blades.

Weapons and props greater than 1.5m may be used in the Masquerade only.

Wooden and otherwise solid but legal replica weapons are allowed but must be sheathed and tied in place or ‘peace bonded’.

Plastic toy guns fitted with a coloured ‘Blaze’ tip and unrealistic weapons such as Light guns or sci-fi replica guns are allowed.

Caps, incendiaries or any sort of projectile are not allowed. Magazines and batteries for weapons should be left at home or handed into the Cosplay desk.

Realistic replica handguns such as plastic pistols and BB guns are allowed as long as the magazine is shown as empty and battery shown to not be in the gun. These should still be kept holstered however. They may be drawn for photographs, but ensure that you have a clear space around you and do not draw it suddenly or in front of people such as small children who may be excitable or easily scared.

Larger replica guns such as Rifles or SMG’s are allowed only in the masquerade and are NOT permitted as part of a floor costume.

Metal guns such as .22 airguns or deactivated guns are not allowed under any circumstances. It should go without saying, but real guns and any other functioning projectile weapons such as slingshots and bows are also not allowed under any circumstances.

It is important that weapons or props are never waved around, carried over shoulders, or wielded in an unpredictable or dangerous manner.
This is especially true for replica guns which must never be pointed at someone.

Lastly, remember to keep everything well-wrapped and out of site whenever you are not in the MCM Expo hall. You are responsible for transporting props and weapons so be safe!

Thanks for reading!
MCM Cosplay Team

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