Shonen Jump Friday Photoshoot

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Shonen Jump Friday Photoshoot

Postby Berserk667 on Tue May 24, 2011 1:16 am

May Expo Friday Shonen Jump Photoshoot
I really love the shonen jump crossover art. And have thought about bringing a group together for themed shots and much funness.

Anyone interested in joining a shonen jump photo shoot on friday for may expo. Looking for shonen jump main characters for mass photoshoot. no doubles. 3 characters per series.

Update for everyone attending.
Meeting place will be N7 in the main open section inside the Excel building.

The shoot will commence at 5pm.

To make it easier for dinner that evening if everyone brings one item of picnic/party food. Like sausage rolls, fruit, crisps etc. That way if enough people bring foods and drink that should sort dinner for that everyone that evening ... 8Dnen_Jump Its safe to say there is a nice choice

Ichigo - Kyle Wright (maybe)
Orihime - Street Angel

Naruto - Runeckles

One Piece - COMPLETE
Luffy - Scorchgid
Zoro - VeXer
Nami - Navigatorxnami

Dragonball Z
Goku - Kirato

Yukioto - Akito Takagi
Eiji - Mashiro - Takagi's gf

Toriko -
Toriko - Berserk667
Komatsu - Dom

Katekyō Hitman Reborn!
Tsuna - Emzone
Reborn - Full Metal Ninja

Gintoki - Ross.Mustang

Shaman King
Yoh - Jinxwolf
Tao Ren - Selph

Dr Slump
Arale - Kitty_Yachiru

Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro
Neuro - Redkira

Nurarihyon no mago
Rikuo Nura - mandi-taichou

Bakura - SweettoothL

Photographer - Foxychan and Phil the ninja
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