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This is the place to get information on the many fan run organised activities that take place at Expo over the weekend.

This is also the place to find information on what Expo organised MCM FRINGE FESTIVAL activities will be taking place, more information can found at: ... ringe.html

Re: Phoenix Wright Group! (also Villains Group!) - (Register

Postby Freyarule on Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:08 am

Little.~.Dragon wrote:
Freyarule wrote:
Little.~.Dragon wrote:Eeeee, thank you so much for including me in the villians skit, I had SUCH an amazing experience and it was so great for my first masquerade performance!! <3 for organizing everything Mel!!!!!!!!!!

No problem my honey! Here's to hoping you catch the masq bug and want to do it all over again XD

Oh hell yeah. :3 Deffo doing it again. Maybe not a solo for a little while though. :P

Lol! That's understandable :3
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