Cosplay group for North Wales!

We want to get the MCM COMMUNITY together outside of the main shows, we get so many emails from people who have the Expo blues, so we thought a great thing would be to organise MCM COMMUNITY events including Meets, Picnics and loads more so why not take part by posting your ideas, or even putting yourself forward to be an MCM COMMUNITY area coordinator?

Cosplay group for North Wales!

Postby FullMetal_Alchemist on Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:57 pm


Visit the page if you are a cosplayer from north wales area and are interested in meeting like minded cosplayers :)

The group was only started a week ago and its still growing, when we reach a decent number of members we will be holding meets

Visit the page to find out more information! (link at the top)
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