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We want to get the MCM COMMUNITY together outside of the main shows, we get so many emails from people who have the Expo blues, so we thought a great thing would be to organise MCM COMMUNITY events including Meets, Picnics and loads more so why not take part by posting your ideas, or even putting yourself forward to be an MCM COMMUNITY area coordinator?

. Dance UK

Postby generationdance on Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:03 pm

Hey all! We are the . Dance Group. With members based all over the country, we are growing as a group! We constantly strive to get better, at both dancing, and entertaining our audience.

Please visit our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MKDanceUK

We are a group of dancers who have been performing at the London MCM Expo on the Totally Cosplay Stage for the last two conventions and planned to make an appearence for a third one. Our past projects have included two large Berryz Koubou medleys and our future project is currently being planned. :)

Be sure to tune in for a new dance video every week and important news! We aim to make our hobby as interesting and entertaining as possible for people both familiar with dancing and those who aren't.

Our dances consist of Japanese and Korean music and we are always trying new things.

We hope you enjoy this channel as much as we did organizing everything! :)
Have fun watching!
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