Jak and Daxter group

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Jak and Daxter group

Postby ember329 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:51 pm

I will copy Nomes' words from the original post in Cosplay Island :)

The Jak and Daxter trilogy is a favourite of mine and a quick google search was enough to show that it's rarely cosplayed. It's time to do this trilogy justice and maybe persuade Naughty Dog to release a new Jak and Daxter PS3 game in the process!

It would be great to get as many of the characters together as possible. Multiple versions of characters are welcomed though if the group goes forward to the masquerade obviously only one of each will be allowed. I will have to check masquerade rules to see if this applies to the same character in different outfits. Whatever the case, I'm going to try and persuade my photographer friend to come along for a photoshoot.

Please specify the version of the character you want to cosplay when replying to this thread. The day of the group will be decided at a later date.
All right then,post away,hopefully we'll get plenty of people!

Jak = Keekal
JakII or Dark Jak = jaks-kingdom-dwarf (TBC)
Jak3 = ?
Daxter (human) = ?
Daxter (ottsel)= ?
Keira = ?
Samos = ?
Ashelin Praxis = Nomes
Tess = ember329
Torn = ?
Errol = ?
Count Vieger = ?
Mizo = ?
Pecker = ?
Sig = ?
Vin = ?

Or any other character you so choose! If this drums up enough interest I'll start a facebook group so that we can keep each other updated on our progress.
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