Excel London & Expo on Site Policy for EXPO weekend

Excel London & Expo on Site Policy for EXPO weekend

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For meetings, gatherings or group organised activities for instance photo shoots, meets, picnics but not limited to, over and above those featured as part of the main MCM Comic Con London event, MCM Comic Con need to be made formally aware of the activity itself so that each activity is judged on its own merits and is deemed to be taking place safely with due diligence and to the overall benefit of the event in question.

This is standard practice for all events at the ExCeL London venue.

Anyone taking part in events/gatherings whether organised by MCM Comic Con or not are intrinsically linked to the event, in your case MCM Comic Con London, should be in possession of a valid wristband or ticket for the day that you are on site!

The easiest way of making us aware of an organised activity is to send an email to the organisers of the particular event registering your activity.

A dedicated email address for MCM FRINGE activities has now been set up - mcmfringe@mcmexpo.net This will ensure your event is verified, logged and approved or not approved.

People taking part in any organised activities MUST be have a valid wristband or ticket for the day they are onsite regardless of being inside or outside of the building.

Consequently the activities will have the added benefit of being publicised on the main event web site and identified as a supplementary part of the main MCM Comic Con London weekend and MCM FRINGE that people may like to get involved with.

Excel as a venue and MCM Comic Con as the organisers accept that many impromptu gatherings take place during the event as that is part of the attraction of the MCM Comic Con London weekend and adds to the festival feel, we would still expect that those taking part in them whether registered or not WILL be in receipt of a valid wristband or ticket as this is our entry policy to the show and will also serve to minimise Health & Safety issues and of course offer Due Diligence.

Any further questions on this subject should be directed to mcmfringe@mcmexpo.net

**Members of the general public passing through to enter the DLR station or visiting the Excel Campus returning from the DLR station do have a right of access to proceed to their hotels around the alloted route which will be laid out, however ExCeL London as the venue reserve the right to disband unauthorised gatherings or escort any individuals or groups in breach of the MCM Fringe terms of use from it's campus.
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